Al Reynolds strongly believes that the development and improvement of soccer skills is a life long pursuit. The essence of soccer, in Al's estimation, is foot skills. The theory behind Al's foot skills training is to master the endless drills and be able to maneuver the ball on the soccer field and outsmart your opponent.
The proper combination of coaching, training, practice, and discipline will enhance the player's natural ability to perform under the pressures of the game at all levels of competition. While short-term results are often seen with our students, it is the overall long-term development of skill, strategy, and understanding of the game of soccer that our school strives to attain. We offer a year-round environment of training opportunities to achieve these goals for our students at the Al Reynolds' Soccer School.

Soccer is a sport that can be enjoyed at all ages as well as different levels of competition. Young children can start at age 5 or 6, as they begin to learn discipline, coordination, and enjoy a fun social activity.
As you continue your training with Al, these are some of the skills that can be learned: passing, trapping, heading, shooting, defending, attacking, and vision. These skills will become natural and be used throughout the player's soccer career. Each player will not only gain personally in skill, knowledge and conditioning, but will also gain confidence and communication skills with his or her teammates. The attainment of a quick and natural touch on the ball during competition will result in the development of a superior soccer player. All ages from 4-18 and all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend Al's clinics and skill training sessions.
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